Outlandish Creations X Troy Hawke

This is just so exciting and I have been so thrilled to share this news for so long!


I am doing a wonderful collaboration with Troy Hawke and I've designed and created some incredible pieces with some of the phrases Troy uses.  He loves them!


Here's what he says! ...


'I’ve got together with Outlandish Creations to design a range of bespoke slip cast fine bone china mugs for charity.

Each is individually handmade with decal transfers and are quite breathtaking.

Of the £25 cost £5 from each mug will go to An Hour For Others, a wonderful charity supporting disadvantaged communities in Liverpool and £5 will go to Fans Supporting Foodbanks, an organisation of football fans across the blue/red divide who supply foodbanks with produce in their area. The remaining money goes into the creation process.

These are limited edition so please be quick if they catch your eye!'


Also, please take note that everything is made to order and I don't have a huge stock of these pieces.  I fire work once a week or more depending on demand so please be patient with your order.  I'll get them out as soon as I can to you.  Thank you.  Katie (drop me a line with any queries enquiries@outlandishcreations.com)

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