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MyLondon - November 2020

Celebs including Loose Women's Nadia Sawalha, Graham Norton and Mcfly can’t get enough of rude cups made by a London mum

A London mum has created a range of rude cups and mugs and celebrities can't get enough of them.

Everyone from Lady Gaga and Kate Beckinsale to Nadia Sawalha and Mcfly have enjoyed the foul-mouthed ceramic creations, and MyLondon can certainly see why people are talking about them.

The porcelain and bone china pieces are lovingly handmade from scratch with swear words and dirty phrases added on at the end.

With expressions such as Tw*t, Mother Cuppa and Instawh*re they are definitely not for the fainthearted.


ITN NEWS - 15 October 2020

Outlandish Creations was featured on the ITN national News and I spoke about how Tier 2 changes will affect my business.  Staring me and my boy!

 Instagram - 5 October 2020

Sir Elton John featured the mug I made him on Instagram.

Metro - How to survive the Covid storm when you're a sole trader - July 2020

'WORKING from home in an uncertain economic climate is tough for everybody, but for entrepreneurs who run their businesses alone, this has been a particularly testing time.

Studies show that half of Britain’s freelancers were already feeling isolated before lockdown hit. Those without colleagues to connect with in the toughest times have had no one to bounce ideas off when businesses need to be pivoted or difficult decisions made.

‘It has been lonely, challenging and at times exhausting. I have felt angry, frustrated, sad, hyper, happy, motivated, flat… the list goes on,’ says Katie Roberton, a sole trader who runs ceramics business Outlandish Creations ( Dealing with the mental health fallout from running a business alone in a pandemic is a considerable task. Although everyone’s situation is different, our wellbeing experts have advice for those who have struggled the last few months.'

Vanity Fair

Killing Kittens - It's a Kittens World

Link to the full story:


Full article: Why Decorating Your Apartment Is the Best Post-Breakup Therapy

McFly On The Wall

Channel 5 - McFly on the Wall - Series 1 Episode 4


Outlandish Creations - (Not) a Porcelain Girl

Rude Magazine

Rude Magazine

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Featured in Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson Photo Book
Nothing is off limits in this extraordinary photography book created by Lady Gaga and acclaimed fashion photographer Terry Richardson. My tea cup is midway through the book and what fabulous publicity to be featured in a book all about Lady Gaga.



Lady Gaga’s “Taste of Gaga” tea is coming soon
Celebitchy - Lady Gaga Tea

Lady Char Char
The Sun - Lady Gaga's Deal with Twinings tea

Gagapedia - July 2010


Daily Star

Lady Gaga Posts my Whore Tea Cup Twitter Photograph


Bitch Buzz

Bitch Buzz link


The Sun

A whore-ible day for Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga's posting on Twitpic - she's holding my tea cup


Knave Erotic Magazine Editorial



More Sex Please, We're British

Channel 4 - 8 May 2012 - 22.00
Salt and pepper shakers and tea cups and saucers are featured in this programme.
More Sex Please We're British with Coco de Mer featuring my cockshakers.