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Commissioned personalised Tea Cup & Saucer in white earthenware

Commissioned personalised Tea Cup & Saucer in white earthenware

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A custom made tea cup and saucer with decal transfers produced especially for you for that special personalised gift.

This is a long making process hence the cost of creating this tea cup and saucer set.  I thought I would explain it below.

1.  I design the shape of the piece.

2. Create a model of the shape in plaster using a plaster lathe.

3. Make a multi-piece plaster mould - depending on the item I am making.  A tea cup and saucer is generally made from a 3 or 4 piece mould and each section is cast separately to make a whole mould.

4. Slip cast the item - if it is a tea cup I would attach the handle which would be a separate mould.

5. Dry out the item so it is fully dry before firing.

6.Bisque fire.

7. Glazing

8. Firing

9. Attach decal transfers.

10. Fire

It's ready to sell.

It's a very long and time consuming process as you will see.

Please email me for your requests for personalisations - names, photographs, pictures, you name it, we can do it!